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Rivet Shelving-4 levels

Rivet Shelving-4 levels

SKU: SRB181845N

H1830mm-W1825mm-D455mm-New board shelves


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Rivet shelving is one of the most versatile storage methods available and is designed to provide for maximum vertical clearance between shelves.

This Rivet shelving has the following specification:

  • Height: 1830mm
  • Width: 1825mm
  • Depth: 455mm
  • Mesh Shelves 4 Levels

It can hold a load capacity of up to 450kgs per level, depending on shelf spacing and beam length and offers unlimited flexibility, providing a custom fit for all your material handling applications.

 Rivet Shelving also available with the following dimensions:

1510 910 300
1830 1215 375
2135 1520 455
2440 1825 605
3040 2130 910
3658 2435 1215
 Mesh shelves available in 455 and 605 depths only
For 1510, 3040, 3658 heights - please contact us.



  • Cost effective/easy assembly (boltless)
  • Wire mesh/timber shelving
  • Powder coated finish (charcoal)
  • Adjustable shelf levels

Ideal for

  • Commercial/Retail stores
  • Light Industrial/Transportation
  • Home Goods/Footwear
  • Tyre Retailers
  • Warehousing/Archive storage
  • Manufacturing
  • Home garage/shed
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This content provides information and explanations of Rivet Shelving products and supporting items


Height: Height size of upright

Depth: Depth size of beam

Width: Width size of beam

Number of Levels: How many shelf levels in a bay
Shelf Type:

-          New particle board

-          Used particle board

-          Mesh Shelf