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Push Back Racking | Push Back Rack Systems

Push Back Racking | Push Back Rack Systems

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Push Back Racking system is a simple but effective bulk storage solution, sharing all the benefits of Drive In Racking without the need to remove lower levels. Push Back Rack allowing up to four pallets deep this system fills from the front face and when a pallet is removed, the next slides to the face. Space is optimised since only one loading or picking face is required. Gravity fed and working on rails it is ideally used for the same operations as Drive In Racking.



  • Better Cube utilization of our warehouse space. 
  • Up to 90% more product storage than traditional selective pallet racks. 
  • Increased Selectivity over drive-In pallet racks up to 300%. 
  • High storage density in conjunction with increased selectivity produces quicker pick rates. 
  • Color coded carts make it easier to perform visual inventories. 
  • You can store a variety of SKU’s On different level for easier product access. 
  • LIFO (Last-In-First-Out) Inventory management.

Ideal for

  • Storing large batches of like produce
  • Wholesale Food Distributors
  • Frozen Food Warehouses
  • Warehouses or Distribution centers experiencing high product/pallet turnover
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