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Drive-in Racking

Drive-in Racking

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Drive-in racking is ideal for facilities that store large amounts of the same items. You can store up to 75% more pallets than with conventional pallet rack and your overall square metreage needs can be reduced by up to 35%. 

This pallet rack system is made up of a set of racking units that form inner loading aisles that have support rails for the pallet loads to rest on.  The forklifts enter these inner aisles with their loads held higher than the level at which it is to be deposited. Each loading aisle has support rails on both sides.  These are arranged on different levels and the pallets are placed on top.  




  • Highest density pallet racking system available
  • Makes best use of the available surface and height space than any other system
  • Allows for load flexibility in regards to both weight and volume.

Ideal for

  • Warehouse
  • Logistics
  • Freight Forwarder
  • Bulk palletized storage
  • Shelf life sensitive product
  • Large amounts of  similar product and a limited space
  • Product loads which cannot be stored in block stacks
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