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Gondola Shelving

Gondola Shelving


Mesh/ Timber/ Metal Backing. More sizes and levels available.

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This white powder coated gondola shelving system is made to order with six shelf sizes and three post heights. A choice of mesh or pegboard backing sheets, front/side fence shelf rails, wire basket dividers, peg hooks, ticket strips, wire baskets.


Adaptable to any merchandising situation. Gondola is come with following feature:

  • Single or Double Sided
  • Mesh or Metal Pegboard or Timber Pegboard Back
  • Holds 20 kg per level
  • Three Heights & Depths
  • Two Bay Lengths
  • Metal Shelves or Wire Baskets


Optional Extras:

  • Front and Side Fence Shelf Rails
  • Wire Basket Dividers
  • Peg Hooks
  • Ticket Strips
  • Wire Baskets


Size Chart:
Height Width Depth
1500mm 1200mm 300mm
1800mm 900mm 375mm
2100mm   450mm





  • Easily expanded or adapted by adding or moving components
  • There is a choice of metal or wood peg-board, mesh backing as well as a range of heights, lengths and shelf depths.
  • Great way to display product or as a cost effective form of storage.
  • Adjustable feet

Ideal for

  • Retail
  • Supermarket
  • Grocery Store
  • Chemists
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This content provides information and explanations of Gondola products and supporting items


Bay type contains:

- Starter Bay: Single bay or the first bay in a run

- Add on Bay: Additional more than 1 bay in a run


Height: Height size of post

Depth: Depth size of foot

Width: Width size of shelves

Side: Side type of product. Consist of Single Sided and Double Sided

Backing: Backing Material for Gondola. Consist of : Timber Peg, Metal Peg, Mesh Shelves

Number of levels: How many shelf levels in a bay